WPF in AppDomain and System.Runtime.Remoting.RemotingException

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I created AppDomain where is created WPF application. Everything working untile some time pass, then I got this exception:

System.Runtime.Remoting.RemotingException: Object *.rem has been disconnected

Even when I have opened window with WPF GUI, it is working, until I close window and try open it again or delete the plugin or close application.

It looks like AppDomain trying to do something and it throw this exception.
Where can be problem?

How I create WPF app

AppDomainSetup ^ ads = gcnew AppDomainSetup();
ads->ApplicationBase = gcnew String(DllSystem::pathToDll.c_str());
AppDomain ^ cd = AppDomain::CurrentDomain;
appDomain_p1 = cd->CreateDomain("PluginProject1_GUI_Domain", AppDomain::CurrentDomain->Evidence, ads);
try {
    appDomain_p1->DoCallBack(gcnew System::CrossAppDomainDelegate(this, &WPFP1::gui_wpf_p1::mf_AppCreateCallback));
catch (Exception ^e)
    LoggerCPPInt::mf_writeLog("WPF::gui_wpf_p1::mf_App_Create()", "appDomain_p1->DoCallBack ERROR", msc::convert_to_string(e->ToString()));
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