Monitoring CPU usage of Win devices with different languages using typeperf %Processor Time

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I use Windows 10 and above for my project in English, Spanish, etc. I am monitoring CPU usage of Win devices using typeperf %Processor Time. I want to run typeperf in devices with different locale without having to change object or counter. I see we have perflib from registry. How can I use the ID of the object or counter to fetch CPU usage in different languages, since the counter depends on the locale? Will perflib be available on all devices?

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    You can try numerical identifiers from perflib. I remember that the identifiers are consistent regardless of the system locale.

    In the registry, perflib has a identifier for the locale like 009 for English or 010 for Spanish.

    • **HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib
      So you can find what is available there, and navigate to the performance object and work with them.

    You can utilize something like this: typeperf "\238(_Total)\6"

    • \238 represents the ID of the performance object
    • total for summary of all instances
    • \6 for the processor time value

    So if you follow the numeric IDs, they do not change with the system language settings.

    You can learn the syntax here: