My cpu base speed in Bios says 3.9ghz but task manager says 1.20

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My CPU is a I7-5930K 3.5Ghz, but it said the base speed was 1.20 in bios and task manager. I tampered with OC Genie and made the speed go up to 3.9ghz but it still says 1.20 in task manager, CPU z, and HWInfo. I also noticed that the OC Genie light on my motherboard isn't glowing I don't know if that matters or not. anyways though I would like to know how to fix this issue and why my speed says 1.20.

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  1. S.Sengupta 15,756 Reputation points MVP
    • Download a program like HWMonitor ( and run it.
    • Check if the CPU clock speed fluctuates while under load. If it increases beyond the base clock (1.2 GHz) during demanding tasks, then the overclocking might be working partially.
    • If OC Genie isn't working as expected, you can attempt manual overclocking in the BIOS.
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  2. Hania Lian 8,386 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    Your CPU, like many modern processors, has a feature known as “Speedstep” or “Intel Turbo Boost” that allows it to adjust its operating frequency depending on the workload. When your system is not under significant load, it will downclock to save power and reduce heat.

    The base speed you’re seeing in task manager, CPU-Z, and HWInfo is most likely the idle or low-load speed. It should increase when your system is under stress. You can try running a CPU-intensive task to see if the speed increases.

    ‘OC Genie’ is an overclocking feature offered by some motherboards manufactured by companies like MSI. If you’re trying to overclock your CPU, make sure OC Genie is enabled correctly in BIOS. If the light isn’t glowing, it might suggest OC Genie is not enabled.

    Before overclocking your system, however, make sure the cooling solution is sufficient enough to handle the increased temperatures that come with overclocking. Overclocking may also void your warranty and decrease the lifespan of the hardware due to more wear and tear.

    The discrepancy between the stated 3.5Ghz and the 1.2Ghz you’re seeing may also be due to BIOS settings. It may be helpful to reset your BIOS to the default settings. If the problem persists, consider updating your BIOS to the newest version from the manufacturer’s website.

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    Hania Lian


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