cPanel image not loading WALinuxAgent

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I am new to Azure and my experience so far is not good. I am trying to spin up a webserver running cPanel.

I tried to spin up the cPanel image from the marketplace. Every time I got anerror saying WALinuxAgent wasn't running. This is because it isn't installed.

So I try to SSH in to install it. It won't let me saying I need Root nd it needs a password. It didn't ask me to set one when I added the keys.

So I go to add one. It won't let me because WALinux isn't running.


So, I think, OK, I'll spin up another VMand just upload cPanel.

But when I try, I have to disable SELinux to install cPanel. But the config panel for SElinux is read only.

This is a multi-faceted question about installing cPanel, SS key password and why we don't set one when spining the VMup and how come SELinux is read only...

I hope someone can answer because AWS beckons...


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  1. deherman-MSFT 33,861 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Andy Parr

    Sorry to hear you are having issues. Sounds pretty frustrating. I understand that you are trying to get a VM running with cPanel installed.
    cPanel is a third party service and they have a preconfigured image available from the Marketplace. It seems like you are trying to deploy this image and facing an issue. The guide provided by cPanel can be found here.

    I tested the cPanel image and also found issue with the default configuration. I logged in during the install and see that it failed. Ideally cPanel would provide an updated Marketplace image to prevent this issue.

    2024-04-19 15:58:06  788 [1658] (FATAL): cPanel & WHM does not support Ubuntu 20.04 on version 120. Please refer to our additional installation instructions at

    Note, WALinux did install automatically, but it took some time for this to complete. It wasn't necessary for me to manually install it for this image.

    Since this image is out of date and requires lots of upgrades before being able to install cPanel, I recommend installing cPanel on a fresh image. I used Ubuntu 22.04 LTS image. By default Ubuntu does not use selinux and I did not have any issues installing cPanel. Once the VM was running I logged in and ran these commands:

    sudo su
    cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest
    [2024-04-19 16:29:46 +0000] [17620] ( INFO): cPanel install finished in 14 minutes and 33 seconds!
    [2024-04-19 16:29:46 +0000] [17620] ( INFO): Congratulations! Your installation of cPanel & WHM 11.120 is now complete. The next step is to configure your server. 

    I am not sure what issue you were having with the password. When you create a VM you can setup to either use a SSH key or password. I recommend choosing the SSH key method. Once inside the VM obtaining root or sudo commands shouldn't require a password.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you still have questions or need further assistance.

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