Need help doing my Az excercie on the SandBox

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I cannot perform my exercise on the Sandbox due to this error message. I have been trying for days, and trying to login again and again. I never had this issue before. Can someone help me with please?


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    Hi SL I want to help you with this question.

    As I understand, you get the shown error in the screenshot when you execute the command:

    az network vnet create --resource-group myRe --name Azure-VNet-1 --address-prefixes --subnet-name Services --subnet-prefixes

    Is that correct?

    Please verify the following first ( if you didn't do that already)

    1. Log in to your Microsoft Learn account using a new private browsing window.
    2. If the issue persists beyond step 1, clear your browser's cache and cookies, or log in using a new incognito window.
    3. But I was able to reproduce your shown error in the same exercise. I logged in to Azure and switched the tenant to the learn path tenant (you are a part of it with your account for the duration of the active sandbox). You have only one resource group deployed in the tenant and to deploy the resources with the command shown in your screenshot you have to use this exact resource group.

    At the moment you want to deploy your vnet in a resource group that doesn't exist and of course, you can't have rights there either.

    So please find out the created resource group in the sandbox tenant.

    1.) Execute the following command az group list

    2.) Search for the name attribute and copy it to use it in your command to create the vnet

    It should work then.

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    In order to run the commands successfully, you must use the automatically-created sandbox resource group. In your screenshot you used "MyRgr" which doesn't exist, and you don't have permission to create it.

    Please navigate to the exercise, solve the puzzle as required, Activate sandbox, review permissions, solve puzzle again if necessary, until you see "Welcome to Azure Cloud Shell" message on right. Once you see this message, please verify that the code on left has the correct resource group name.

    The resource group name should look similar to "learn-0ac1d87f-a26e-1028-ec61-3b28ce1d6393", as shown below:

    qna training sandbox group name connect vpn gateway exercise

    If you see [sandbox resource group name] then click Unité 3 sur 5 at the top, then click on Connecter des réseaux locaux à Azure à l’aide de passerelles VPN site à site as shown:

    qna training sandbox group name connect vpn gateway exercise back

    Once the page finishes loading, immediately click Unité 2 sur 5 at the top and then click on Exercice - Préparer des réseaux virtuels Azure et locaux à l’aide des commandes Azure CLI to return to the Exercise. Wait for the page to load, solve puzzle if requested, and then verify that resource group name is correct in the code blocks.

    If the resource group name in the code blocks is correct, click Copy in corner of code block and then right-click -- Paste into the Azure Cloud Shell window on the right, then press Enter to execute the code. Repeat this as needed with the other blocks to complete the exercise.

    Please click Accept Answer and upvote if the above was helpful. Add a comment below is something is unclear.



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