Azure AI playground, Invalid AzureCognitiveSearch configuration detected: No searchable fields in index

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hi, I am playing Azure AI studio, AI search index configured correctly i think, I was able to search in AI service, connect it to gpt bot and seeing this error, I do have searchable string type field in the index. please help.

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  1. YutongTie-MSFT 46,996 Reputation points

    @Spark Chen Thanks for your try, are you working on a private network, this issue happening when customer has improper private network setup, is that also your case? While it's possible that a network issue could be preventing your Azure AI Studio from communicating properly with your Azure Cognitive Search service, the error message you provided: "Invalid AzureCognitiveSearch configuration detected: No searchable fields in index" typically indicates a configuration issue with your search index rather than a networking problem. However, I will suggest you checking on your network as well.

    1. Network Security Group (NSG) Rules: Ensure that the necessary inbound and outbound rules are set correctly to allow traffic to and from your Azure Cognitive Search service.
    2. Firewall Rules: If you have set up IP firewall rules for your Azure Cognitive Search service, verify that the necessary IPs are allowed.
    3. Private Endpoint: If you're using private endpoints, ensure it's properly set up and the private DNS zone is correctly linked.
    4. Virtual Network (VNet) Service Endpoints: If your service is integrated with a VNet, ensure that the service endpoints are configured correctly.

    And also, some index items for checking.

    1. Check your searchable fields: Ensure that the fields you're trying to search are marked as "searchable" in your index schema.
    2. Verify the data type: Check that the data type of your searchable fields is compatible. Not all data types are searchable. For example, Edm.String, Collection(Edm.String), Edm.Boolean, Edm.Int32, Edm.Int64, Edm.Double, Edm.DateTimeOffset, and null are searchable.
    3. Indexer status: Check the status of your indexer. If the indexer encountered any errors while indexing your data, it might result in an incomplete index.
    4. Rebuild the index: If everything seems to be in order, try rebuilding the index. There could have been an issue during the initial creation.

    Please take a look and let us know how it works, if all of those have been checked but nothing helps, please let us know we are happy to enable you a free ticket for this issue.

    We are also checking internally to see any ongoing issue.



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