The code is not working - it says there are errors.

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I am working on the module "Train a simple linear regression model," and the lines of code are not working in the sandbox. I am getting error messages such as "AttributeError: module 'dask.array' has no attribute 'lib'", "NameError: name 'graphing' is not defined", and "NameError: name 'model' is not defined". I have made no changes to the code within the sandbox.

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  1. AmaranS 2,675 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi Lisa Dykstra,

    Thank you for reaching out to us on Microsoft Q&A forum.

    It seems like there are multiple issues with the code you provided. Let's address them one by one:

    1.AttributeError: module 'dask.array' has no attribute 'lib':  This error might stem from conflicting library versions. dask handles parallel computing, and lib is a submodule within dask.array. A version inconsistency could lead to this error. Try updating dask to the latest version it to resolve this issue.

    2.NameError: name 'graphing' is not defined: This error arises when the graphing module isn't imported in your code. It seems like you're using a custom module, graphing, for data visualization. Make sure to import this module correctly before using it. If graphing is a custom module, ensure it's properly imported or defined in your environment.

    3.NameError: name 'model' is not defined: This error indicates an attempt to use a variable named model without defining it in your code. In the context of training a simple linear regression model, model typically refers to the instance of the linear regression model being trained. Ensure you define and instantiate your linear regression model before using it.

    To address these issues:

    • Verify for any library version disparities, particularly regarding dask. - Ensure proper import of the graphing module. - Define and instantiate your linear regression model before usage.

    Code metrics - Cyclomatic complexity: feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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    Thank you.