The fwscanf_s function doesn't read properly

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I have a program in C that have been working fine since I compiled it in an earlier version of Visual Express. Now that I have been compiling it in Visual Studio 2022, the fwscanf_s function doesn't work properly. It reads text and integers. The integers are displayed properly, but not the text variable.

struct svaras
		TCHAR name[20];
		int t;
		int rk[2];	
		int rk2[2];
		int rs[2];
		int rs2[2];
	struct svaras scales[150];

i = 0;

if(_waccess_s(L"shrutilist.dat", 0) != -1){
	Receivedata = GetModuleFileName(NULL, Buffer, MAX_PATH);		
	PathCchRemoveFileSpec(Buffer, MAX_PATH);				
	PathCchAppend(Buffer, MAX_PATH, L"shrutilist.dat");				
	err = _wfopen_s(&shrutiliste, Buffer, L"r");

while (i < 60) {

    test = fwscanf_s(shrutiliste, "%20ls  %i %i %i  %i %i \n",  					

	&scales[i].rk[0], &scales[i].rk[1],
	&scales[i].rk2[0], &scales[i].rk2[1],
	&scales[i].rs[0], &scales[i].rs[1],
	&scales[i].rs2[0], &scales[i].rs2[1]);


The variable scales[i].name shows this in the debugger:

{name=0x006fb9fc L"쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌... t=-858993460 rk=0x006fba28 {-858993460, -858993460}

While when it is displayed in a list box, it only shows this: 쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌쳌

The integers are displayed correctly in the list box.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Minxin Yu 10,361 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi, @Keitel

    Use L"" in fwscanf_s(shrutiliste, "%20ls %i %i %i %i %i \n",

    fwscanf_s(shrutiliste, L"%20ls %i %i %i %i %i \n",

    And as Viorel said, the format should be
    L"%20ls %i ...", scales[i].name, 20, &scales[i].t,...

    Best regards,

    Minxin Yu

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  1. Bruce ( 57,806 Reputation points

    Never mind

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