Is it Possible or is there a way to use the database you have been working on the developer option for production?

Betselot Getahun 0 Reputation points

Can I migrate the database I made on the developer version to the express version or is there a way to use the database you created using the developer version for production purposes, say if you can transfer my database to the express version or pay for it? Have been working using the developer option. Still, I recently found out I can't use it for production, what are my options?

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  1. Erland Sommarskog 102.3K Reputation points

    There are three (four) editions available for production usage:

    • Express Edition. Free, but database size limited to 10 GB, and there are some other resource constraints as well.
    • Web Edition. This session is only available to web hosters, so it is not likely to be an option for you.
    • Standard Edition. No limit in database size, but comes with a price tag that is not ignorable.
    • Enterprise Edition. Very powerful and very expensive.

    Developer Edition has the same feature set as Enterprise, so there is a risk that you go for any of the other options, that you are relying on a feature not available in the lower editions. But when it comes to programmability surface area, there is parity, so it may not be an issue. (The differences are mainly about manageability and performance.)

    If you go for Express Edition, the best way to move the database is by BACKUP/RESTORE as Karen said.

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  2. Karen Lopez 81 Reputation points MVP

    The databases themselves aren't licensed; the server is.

    It sounds like you want to change to a different edition (from Developer to Enterprise or Express). This Docs link can walk you through this.

    Note that the Developer edition is virtually the same as the Enterprise Edition, so this upgrade should be straightforward.

    You'll also want to check out the supported upgrade paths in this article:

    If you are also moving the database to another server, you'd likely want to use backup and restore to move the database to the new server.

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  3. Olaf Helper 41,411 Reputation points

    Additional note: The free Express Edition has several limitation, on e is a max database size of 10 GB.

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  4. MikeyQiao-MSFT 655 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi,Betselot Getahun

    Migrating the Developer version to other versions, such as Express, is not difficult, and there are several methods for you to choose from.

    However, before migrating, you need to have sufficient expectations of the database version features and carefully review the version characteristics(such asScale limits/Replication/ Programmability).

    Best regards,

    Mikey Qiao

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