Prevent constant MFA requests for hybrid workforce

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Most of our users are hybrid, working remotely via VPN and locally in office. Regardless of our 30-day MFA policy, our users are prompted for MFA every few days if they move locations between working at home and at the office.

We are a non-profit healthcare organization of 600 staff, using primarily Office E3 & Azure P1, Exchange in the cloud, and local AD sync. I cannot for the life of me determine what policies I need to adjust to get consistent results from MFA. 30 days should be 30 days. Employee devices are laptops with domain accounts- nothing is being wiped or reset.

If there is some special Conditional Access magic that I am missing, I am all ears- but the current state of this is unsustainable.

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    Use the Microsoft Entra sign-ins report. This report shows authentication details for events when a user is prompted for multifactor authentication, and if any Conditional Access policies were in use: