How to save spark dataframe (with synaps) in data container (without making folder and SUCCES file)

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I want to save a spark dataframe to my data container. It worked with this code:

df.write.csv(path_name + "test5.csv")

However, this makes a folder called test5.csv with 2 files in it. One which is my dataframe (but with a random generated string name) and one is a SUCCES file.

How do i prevent it making a new folder, prevent it making the SUCCES file in the folder, and only make the file for the dataframe with a name I specify (instead of the random string)?

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    @Vivian Nguyen

    Thankyou for your query on Microsoft Q&A platform .

    It seems that you want to prevent the creation of a SUCCESS file, and also specify a name for the target file.

    It is the default behavior of spark to create the transactional files like _success file, _committed file, and _metadata files .

    You can consider using the below solutions to remove the generated transactional files and give specific name to target file:

    • Use coalesce(1) function to create single partition file in a temp folder.
    • Loop through all the files present in the folder and filter on the .csv files and ignore the transactional files
    • Copy only the csv files to the new folder with specified file name
    • Remove the temp folder with recursive set as True

    Relevant resources: How to Write Dataframe as single file with specific name in PySpark

    Alternatively, you can try the below solution:

    we can disable the transaction logs of spark parquet write using spark.sql.sources.commitProtocolClass = org.apache.spark.sql.execution.datasources.SQLHadoopMapReduceCommitProtocol".

    This will help to disable the "committed<TID>" and "started<TID>" files but still _SUCCESS, _common_metadata and _metadata files will generate.

    1. We can disable the _common_metadata and _metadata files using "parquet.enable.summary-metadata=false".
    2. We can also disable the _SUCCESS file using "mapreduce.fileoutputcommitter.marksuccessfuljobs=false".

    Related documentation:

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