Correlating Applicaton Insights logs for cloud_RoleInstance with the instance name in Metrics for an App Service

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I'm looking at some Azure Metrics and can see that there's a specific instance in our App Service that seems to have consistently higher response times.  It has a name like: ln1ldlwk0000LE


To example what's actually going wrong with that instance, I'd like to find that instance in Application Insights logs to see what's going on that specific instance during the time period I see the spike on the metrics view. However, in AppInsights the requests table (among others) uses cloud_RoleInstance. These values look completely different; example: d53628ee0c3e407eaafc19bcf26a8c4d


Has anyone tried to correlate the former to the latter?  I'd love ideas.

PS: What I mean by the instance on the Metrics view is when you split a metric by instance:
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