Azure Hub to Hub Vnet Peering

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Dear Microsoft Q&A,

I have a Hub & Spoke topology which includes 2 Hub & Spokes. When I attach route table to Express Route gateway /subnet, the injected routes are not being propagated to On-Prem network.

Details: The objective is communicate via VNet peering, while having in one "hub" Azure Firewall and in other Express Route gateway.

As seen on attached sketch:

Hub1 knows network of Hub2 due to network peering. Hub2 knows network of Hub1 due to network peering.

In order to enable access of devices "on-prem" to Spoke1 network via ExpressRoute and Hub1 Firewall, I have attached route table to ExpressRouteGateway subnet with configuration: (spoke1) Virtual Network Appliance (Hub1 FW instance) with assumption this will be propagated to on-prem.

However, my UDR is not propagated by the ExpressRoute gateway. BGP settings is enabled on ExpressRouteGateway as well as on Route Table.

Would you have any advise on such topology/configuration?HubtoHub

Azure ExpressRoute
Azure ExpressRoute
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