Azure logic app , extract file from sharepoint to ADLS

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I am working on a file extraction from sharepint to ADLS and the file size is 1 GB. I need to copy the file to ADLS.

I am currently using standard logic app as the file size is more than the default size.

After that i tried adding the file size in host.json as per the document.

After doing the same my logic app is running and not executing its just keep running.

Can you tell what is wrong in the logic app.

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Azure Logic Apps
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    It seems you’re encountering an issue with your Azure Logic App not executing properly after adjusting the file size in the host.json. Let’s troubleshoot this:

    Check Trigger History:

    • Every workflow starts with a trigger. Review the trigger history to ensure it’s firing as expected.
      • Confirm that the trigger inputs (such as file path or SharePoint event) are correctly configured.
        • Verify that the trigger outputs (if any) match your expectations.
        Chunking for Large Files:
        - If you’re dealing with large files (like your 1 GB file), consider enabling chunking.
           - Chunking splits large messages into smaller pieces, allowing you to transfer large files under specific conditions.
              - [Check if your workflow uses built-in HTTP actions or specific managed connector actions that support chunking]([1](
              **Runtime Dependencies**:
                 - Ensure that your logic app has the necessary runtime dependencies.
                    - If you’re using Visual Studio Code, check if the Azure Logic Apps Standard extension settings are correctly configured.
                       - [Verify that the auto runtime dependencies path and validation settings are set appropriately]([2](
                       **Network and Inbound Traffic**:
                          - If your logic app uses private endpoints, ensure that your client machine has access to the private IP of the logic app.
                             - [Check the networking settings and inbound traffic configuration in your logic app]([3](
                             **Azure Logic App Limits**:
                                - Review the limits and configuration for Azure Logic Apps, especially for the Standard tier.
                                   - [Confirm that your logic app doesn’t exceed any execution duration or other resource limits]([4](
                                   **Storage Account Connection String**:
                                      - If your logic app interacts with storage accounts, ensure that the connection string is correctly configured.
                                         - Verify that the storage account has sufficient capacity and permissions.
                                         **Diagnostic Logs and Monitoring**:
                                            - Enable diagnostic logs for your logic app to capture detailed information.
                                               - Monitor the execution flow, check for any errors, and inspect the logs for clues.
                                               **Retry and Resubmit**:
                                                  - Sometimes logic apps fail due to transient issues. Consider retrying or resubmitting the workflow.

    Remember to test each step thoroughly and verify that your logic app is configured correctly. If the issue persists, consider reaching out to Azure support for further assistance. Troubleshooting logic apps can be complex, but with careful analysis, you’ll identify the root cause and resolve the issue4132.

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