Emails being recieved as attachments in Outlook for Mac

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I've seen some questions about this issue on here but can't find any resolutions.

I use outlook for mac for a gmail account. When my boss (on the same email domain) forwards an email the content of that email appears as an attachment that opens on my web browser rather than in the text of an email. If he replies to an existing thread this doesn't happen, only on forwards. I have attached a screenshot of the messages here as an example. This has also happened from another client today with an email that wasn't a forward but was the first email in a thread, also screenshot attached, both of these I believe us mail for mac.

If I go to gmail in my web browser these emails appear as a normal thread without the text in an attachment.

Please can you let me know if this is an error in outlook as it appears to be and how i fix it, or do i need to migrate my emails over to mac mail for them to function?

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