Getting VSS Error ID 8200 while taking VSS Snapshot backup. API IVssWriterComponentsExt.GetWriterInfo is failed with error VSS_E_INVALID_XML_DOCUMENT

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We are developing an application to backup our filesystem files via VSS. We are getting an issue while gathering writer component info which is blocking us to move ahead with building the tool. Can someone please help? Detailed logs here:

IVssBackupComponents::GetWriterComponentsCount() SUCCESS. WriterCompCount: 1 IVssBackupComponents::GetWriterComponents() SUCCESS. WriterIndex: 0 IVssWriterComponentsExt: 0x1becae04c50 IVssWriterComponentsExt::GetWriterInfo() FAILED. ERROR: VSS error: IVssWriterComponentsExt.GetWriterInfo: VSS_E_INVALID_XML_DOCUMENT - The given XML document is invalid. It is either incorrectly-formed XML or it does not match the schema. (0x5653535f455f494e56414c49445f584d4c5f444f43554d454e54202d2054686520676976656e20584d4c20646f63756d656e7420697320696e76616c69642e2049742069732065697468657220696e636f72726563746c792d666f726d656420584d4c206f7220697420646f6573206e6f74206d617463682074686520736368656d612e)

Event log:

Volume Shadow Copy Service error: An unexpected error was encountered examining the XML document. The document is missing the WRITER_COMPONENTS element.


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