Unable to Move Resources from One Resource Group to Another

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I'm facing two issues:

  1. I can't change the region for a resource group, even when all the resources in the resource group are in the region to which I would like to move the resource group. The resource group is in the West, the resources are in the East, but I cannot change the resource group's region to the East.
  2. I have function apps in the East region, but I can't move those resources to a new resource group in the East region. Azure indicates that the resources moved, but when I inspect the items in the target resource group, the moved resources do not appear.

Do you have any advice on these matters?

Azure Resource Mover
Azure Resource Mover
An Azure service used for moving multiple resources between Azure regions.
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  1. Umar 160 Reputation points

    Regarding your first issue with changing the region of a resource group, it's important to note that the region of a resource group is determined by the region of its contained resources. If you're unable to change the region of the resource group even though all the resources within it are in the desired region, it could be due to dependencies or limitations within Azure. I recommend verifying that all resources within the resource group support being moved to the desired region and that there are no dependencies preventing the change.

    For your second issue concerning the movement of function apps from one resource group to another within the same region, it's unusual that Azure indicates the resources have been moved but they do not appear in the target resource group. This could be a temporary issue or a result of a misconfiguration. I suggest checking the Azure Activity Log for any error messages or failure notifications related to the resource movement. Additionally, ensure that the destination resource group exists and that the appropriate permissions are set to allow the movement of resources.

    If these steps do not resolve your issues, please provide more details, and we'll be happy to assist you further.

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