ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended,

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Hello,I am facing a non usual exception with no scenario having been caught regarding this exception.

I have an platform enterprise application consisting of many modules , some of those modules are dealing with the DB via the LINQ to entity technique [Lambda expressions] by writing the LINQ queries over the entity framework objects like tables & views.

I have an exception logger system that exists throughout each module to catch and save the raised exceptions while the clients are working.

My application has been published throw cloud IIS servers and the DB is at the same network

My application is written by C#.NET and dealing with ORACLE DB 12 & 19 C

My issue is that the system is working normally and suddenly I found this exception raised and logged at the log files while dealing with the DB

ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended,

The exception then continues to get raised again and again , the only way to get the system working again normally is to restart the IIS server machine overall.

I need to understand why this exception is raising randomly ?What is the root cause ? Why does it get solved after restarting the server? and finally how to solve this exception permanently.

Thanks for your time

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