subscription validation inner error

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I follow these instructions ...


Content-Type: application/json


"changeType": "created,updated",

"notificationUrl": "",

"lifecycleNotificationUrl": "",

"resource": "/me/mailfolders('inbox')/messages",

"expirationDateTime": "2016-03-20T11:00:00.0000000Z",

"clientState": "SecretClientState"


The response is the POST ...


It reaches my endpoint. I return the id, per instructions ...

  • A status code of HTTP 200 OK.
  • A content type of text/plain.
  • A body that includes the URL decoded plain text validation token

I return the entire request ...

Validation:Testing client application reachability for subscription Request-Id:0811cb33-9edb-42f7-882c-21c187abae72

Or, I can return only the Id ...


But it does not matter. Every time I receive the error message ...


(Other code examples do NOT decrypt anything. They simply return the id that was sent.)

Why then, when my reply is certainly understood, do I receive an error?

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