Azure OpenAI Rate-Limiting Error

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I have deployed Azure OpenAI service with gpt-35-turbo(0301) and set token per minute limit to 1K and it's displaying approx. 6 requests per minute.

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In my first request, i have utilized only 223 tokens in total. I am adding usage response as well.

"usage": {
        "completion_tokens": 193,
        "prompt_tokens": 30,
        "total_tokens": 223

When I attempted to verify it using Postman on the subsequent request, I encountered the following error. Could someone please explain how it is exceeding the rate limit?

Requests to the ChatCompletions_Create Operation under Azure OpenAI API version 2024-02-15-preview have exceeded call rate limit of your current OpenAI S0 pricing tier. Please retry after 6 seconds. Please go here: if you would like to further increase the default rate limit.

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