I have created a VM. But it's strange not able to connect to it, any troubleshoot steps will help?

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I have created a VM. But it's strange not able to connect to it, any troubleshoot steps will help?

Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Virtual Machines
An Azure service that is used to provision Windows and Linux virtual machines.
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    Hi @Jakson ,

    Thanks for contacting Microsoft Q&A platform.

    1. Can you check the boot diagnostics screenshot and are you able to view the VM boot screen?
    2. Are you able to connect to the VM using serial console? You should be able to connect to VM using serial console once you enable boot diagnostics using custom storage account , and you can check for port 3389 using netstat within the VM itself. You will be able to connect to the serial console successfully if and only if there are no boot issues, and the VM has booted up successfully, but there are network connectivity issues due to which rdp is failing.
    3. Can you check if you are able to telnet to the VM on the rdp port(3389) from any other VM on the same network?
    4. Also, can you verify if port 3389 on the VM is in Listening state on not using netstat ?
    5. Also, are you trying to connect to the VM using its public or private IP? If you are connecting via public IP, I am hoping that you have only allowed trusted IPs in Source to connect to the VM, to avoid and brute force rdp attacks on the VM.

    Once you check for the above cases, you will be able to understand where exactly the network connectivity is breaking. If all the above cases are working fine, then most likely there is some issue with the Remote Desktop Service itself. You can also check that once you connect to the VM using Serial Console.

    Each scenario has a separate troubleshooting guide in our docs starting from here (you can navigate across the left vertical pane to directly refer to the use case/bucket your issue falls into).

    Hope this helps you.

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