How to extract checkbox answer as value and question as key?

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I am very new to azure document intellegence studio. I am using this form as input to General Document in Document Intellegence Studio and extracting key value pairs. As you can see in the left bottom cornor of this form there is one question "

Did the partner contribute property with a built-in gain or loss?


I want that question as key and selected checkbox as value. How can i do it?

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Azure AI Document Intelligence
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  1. VasaviLankipalle-MSFT 14,911 Reputation points

    Hello @Muhammad , Thanks for using Microsoft Q&A Platform.

    I can understand your scenario. Key-value pairs are specific spans within a document that identify a label or key and its associated response or value.

    In a structured form, these pairs could be the label and the value the user entered for that field. In an unstructured document, they could be any information that follows a specific pattern, such as the date a contract was executed on based on the text in a paragraph.

    The DI model is trained to extract identifiable keys and values based on a wide variety of document types, formats, and structures.

    I have reproduced your document with Layout model and observed the same. Model is recognizing it as a separate key-value pairs. For other data like domestic partner the value is recognized as unselected/selected since it can easily identify its response. I believe this can be the current limitation/ behavior of the model based on the document types/formats, and structures.

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    You can try the custom models and label accordingly to see if that helps.

    You can raise a support ticket in the Azure portal for deeper investigation on this issue.

    I hope this helps.



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  2. Vinod Kurpad 11 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    The key value pairs model extracts the fields from the document as Vasavi mentioned. The image below shows the results for the checkbox and a field.

    If you want to define the field name, you can use query fields which is a preview feature.
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  3. Nagesh Pabbisetty 0 Reputation points

    Let me ask if another approach is possible, for the same situation:

    How do I associate the boolean value of checkbox Yes, of Question M to M-Yes attribute?

    This way, if another question has a Yes / No boolean checkbox responses, the value will be associated with the right attribute?

    Such patterns are common in forms where the responses are multiple choice, and the choices can exist in multiple questions of the same form.

    Thanks, in advance!