Azure Data factory - jwt token using Key Vault certificate

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There doesn't appear to be a lot of help on the internet for this so hopefully someone has managed to achieve this!

We need to create a JWT token to pass on for authentication to Salesforce. A certificate has been created and placed within our Key Vault. According to JWT requirements, the process is to base64 a header and '.' concatenate with a base64 message and then sign this using the certificate. However, when passing in the <b64 header>.<b64 message>, we get the error

{"error":{"code":"BadParameter","message":"Content of 'value' is not base64url.\r\nProperty 'value' is required.\r\n"}}

Given we have to concatenate the two fields together, it won't be a base64 value, is there any way around this? Can we JWT sign using Data Factory?

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