Microsoft Symbol Server cannot find explorer.exe, Taskbar.dll and Taskbar.View.dll's pdb files

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I noticed that the pdb file of explorer.exe could not be retrieved from the Microsoft server. When I looked at the dlls it used, I noticed that files such as Taskbar.dll and Taskbar.View.dll's pdb files could not be imported. I would like to point out that these files were available from the Microsoft symbol server 2-3 days ago. Is there issue in Microsoft Symbol Server or its depending on the IP Address?

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  1. S.Sengupta 15,756 Reputation points MVP

    You can use the .symfix command to set a default path that works in most cases.

    Debuggers often cache downloaded symbols. Check if the symbols reside in your local cache.

    Consider reporting the issue to Microsoft using the following email address:

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    Unfortunately I tried everything. Many pdb files can already be downloaded, only the ones I specified do not download.

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