How do I format my json file correctly to upload under my new data collection rule?

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My json file is failing to upload when attempting to create a new Data collection rule? Does anyone have sample file I can compare to?



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  1. hossein jalilian 4,040 Reputation points

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Q&A forum.

    Below is a standard example structure you can utilize as a reference:

      "name": "Example Data Collection Rule",
      "description": "This rule collects data from a specific source and sends it to Azure Monitor.",
      "isEnabled": true,
      "source": {
        "type": "DataSourceType",
        "details": {
          "sourceSpecificField1": "value1",
          "sourceSpecificField2": "value2"
      "destination": {
        "type": "AzureMonitor",
        "details": {
          "logAnalyticsWorkspaceId": "YOUR_WORKSPACE_ID",
          "logType": "YOUR_LOG_TYPE",
          "destinationSpecificField": "value"
      "filters": [
          "type": "FilterType",
          "details": {
            "filterSpecificField1": "value1",
            "filterSpecificField2": "value2"

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  2. AnuragSingh-MSFT 20,431 Reputation points

    @Azure Rookie, The question is not clear in terms of what is being attempted to be done. I have added the following information covering 2 major scenarios where json file is used with DCR and I hope this will help you with the issue. In case your issue is about something else, please add more details, reference doc link etc to help us better understand it.

    1. Creating DCR using ARM templates (JSON) - If you are trying to create a DCR using ARM template, the following links contain information about the steps as well as the sample templates in json format which can be utilized:
      Create and edit data collection rules (DCRs) in Azure Monitor
      Sample data collection rules (DCRs) in Azure Monitor
    2. In case you are trying to create a new table in Log Analytics workspace, based on DCR the following link contains the steps as well as the sample JSON content for the file: Add or delete tables and columns in Azure Monitor Logs

    Note, the following information available in this doc -
    "All tables in a Log Analytics workspace must have a column named TimeGenerated. If your sample data has a column named TimeGenerated, then this value will be used to identify the ingestion time of the record. If not, a TimeGenerated column will be added to the transformation in your DCR for the table. For information about the TimeGenerated format, see supported datetime formats."

    Hope this helps.

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