Unable to resolve Azure database for mysql name from Data Factory

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I am creating a linked service from my Azure Data Factory environment, to access my Azure Database for Mysql database. I select "Azure database for Mysql", and I can see all my mysql servers. I select "From Azure subscription" as the account selection method, and I can see the server I want to connect to in the drop down list. I am also able to see all the schemas in that server. I then enter a valid username / pwd which I can use to connect to that server, but when I test the connection I get the error "The value of the property '' is invalid: 'The remote name could not be resolved: 'xxxxxxx.mysql.database.azure.com''. with error code 11402

I guess it is a networking issue, but I can't understand how the server is visible, and I am able to see all the schemas in it, but then the actual connection fails. My database service is in a Virtual Network, but I can't figure out how to give access to that network to the Azure Data Factory environment.

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