EntraId to SuccessFactors Writeback | Add leading zeros

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Hi all,

we are using the Entra ID Provisioning Service Writeback to send Email and Phone Number to SuccessFactors.

However, we are struggeling with matching IDs on both sides.
We are using the a userID in extensionAttribute14 in AD, consisting of 3-5 numbers. On SF side this ID is also used, however there it is filled with leading zeros to have an 8 digit ID (necessary for downstream systems).

AD: 12345

SF: 00012345

It always have to be exactly 8 characters. The Ids can also contain 0, so removing all 0 is not an option (like 12305).

Is there a way to use Expressions to still be able to match those userIds?
Any ideas would be highly appreciated!

I tried using REGEX by using the Replace expression, but can't get it to work. For example:

Replace(Append("0000000",[extensionAttribute14]), ,"\d{0,8}$", ,"", ,)
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