Azure Adb2c External IDP Authentication Browser Back Button Click redirects to External IDP Again

Logesh Palani 1 Reputation point MVP

We have AD B2C Authentication with .NET 8 MVC Web Application. We configured Open Id Provider with Custom Policy in Adb2c. The authentication is working successfully. But the problem is, after the External IDP successful authentication, the provider redirects to the web site. Now User clicks on browser back button, the site redirect to external idp, because the history is there in the window (single and multiple click applicable). On multiple click adb2c shows bad request, because session is already exist in the browser window.

Info: we disabled the External IDP SSO login for force login every time, since adb2c manages the users session.

Web site => Adb2c + External IDP => Successful Authentication => Redirects to Web Site => Web Site => Browser Back Button (Single Or Multiple click) <= External Idp or Adb2c Bad Request.

Is there any way to restrict the redirection to external idp or adb2c bad request, I tried the browser back button click disable, that didn't help.

is there any way to handle this adb2c bad request in core mvc.

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Microsoft Entra ID
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