Microsoft AMA does not send logs to Log Analytics Workspace

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Hi all,

There is a RHEL server with 2 interfaces. logs coming to these to interfaces can be written to a file ( via rsyslog , "omfile" ). However, logs coming to newly defined interface cannot be written to sentinel logs. The error that i only can see is this:

2024-05-07T11:49:55.0626210Z: Error while inserting item to Local persistent store local7.notice: IO error: No space left on device: While open a file for appending: /var/opt/microsoft/azuremonitoragent/events/local7.notice/677638.log: No space left on device

But there is no any disk problem or open process problem. I already reviewed "Syslog troubleshooting guide for Azure Monitor Agent for Linux" article.

Do you have any recommendation about this issue?

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