Authenticator app hanging after verification

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As of yesterday morning I'm having a strange issue with my Authenticator app that is preventing me from signing into my work account. Here are the details:

  • I use an Android phone (a Pixel 4a) to approve Authenticator requests
  • What is happening is, I get the code on my PC screen, then I get the notification on the phone, I open the notification on the phone, enter the code and hit "Yes", and then it just keeps spinning and spinning. After a short while, the request on my PC will time out, and then after a few minutes, the pop-up will time out on my phone.
  • I have no alternative options for sign-in.
    • If I click "I can't use my Microsoft Authenticator app right now", it just gives me the option to use a certificate or smart card (which I don't have), or approve a request on my Microsoft Authenticator app (which again will time out).
    • I can't go to to add alternative verification methods because that requires a sign-in, which I can't do because it requires me to approve a request on the Authenticator app. I also suspect that the Authenticator option is the only one permitted by my org.
    • After it times out on the PC screen, it gives me the option to "Enter a security code" from your Microsoft Authenticator app instead, but if I click that, I get red text that says "Sorry, we're having trouble verifying your account. Please try again."
  • I have restarted both the PC and the phone a number of times. I've cleared browser caches on the PC and I've cleared the Microsoft Authenticator app cache on the phone.
  • I've verified that the phone is up to date - it is on Android 13, and when I check for updates it says that it is up to date.
  • I do have a newer phone, but it seems that I can't migrate my Authenticator over to that phone without being able to sign in to, which I can't do for this work account.
  • I was last successfully able to log in to this account using this phone last Thursday, and I have made no changes to the phone in the meantime.

I really hope someone can think of something else I can try! Thank you!

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