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Screenshot 2024-05-07 123846.pngHey guys so I'm creating my virtual machine on azure for a vpn so i can work abroad in the Dominican Republic once i move down there. and im not a tech geek but i do work for IT, basic level. I live in Colorado and i want my location to be showing in Colorado. but once im setting up the VM machine it is asking me what region i should select. i don't know which one to select i believe its US West3 but im not sure. it's says US West2 and US west3. after i select the region, it wants me to select either 3 zones which is zone 1, zone2 and zone 3. any of y'all can help with that? also on the networking section, it has Load balancing which one should i select? ill add a picture

Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Virtual Machines
An Azure service that is used to provision Windows and Linux virtual machines.
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    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Q&A forum.

    These regions are geographically close to Colorado and will provide the best performance and latency for your VPN connection. you can choose either "US West 2" or "US West 3" based on the availability and capacity in those regions.

    When creating a VM, Azure allows you to select the Availability Zones, which are physically separate locations within an Azure region. choosing multiple Availability Zones, can provide higher availability and fault tolerance for your VM. however, for a simple VPN setup, you can select a single Availability Zone ( Zone 1) as it should be sufficient.

    In the networking section, the "Load balancing" option is used to distribute traffic across multiple VMs or services. for a single VPN VM, you don't necessarily need to configure load balancing. you can leave the load balancing setting as "No"

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