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We have 2 distinct AD domains A and B in our company (without any approbation) : both are synchronized with our single tenant using Azure AD Connect.

We want to migrate all our users from A to B and to keep the same Office 365 setting for those users.

To make it simple, once we have migrated the domain of a user, we want to keep the same mailbox, O365 licences...

What would be the solution?

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  1. thiagobeier 1 Reputation point

    I'm assuming both domains A and B land on the same M365 tenant. therefore,

    domain A:

    • backup ADDS (users and devices, gpos just in case = have a plan)
    • export all users upn, email addresses, proxy smtp addresses, group membership
    • check adds upns

    domain B:

    • upns (create all upns for each domain as in domain A)
    • have a landing "OU" organization unit for migrated users from domain A

    try the following steps

    • move user from domain A to B ( within ADDS )
    • update user upn in domain B
    • remove user from sync in domain A
    • check user in Entra (formely Azure AD)
    • validate upn, email addresses, proxy smtp addresses, licenses
    • should also work for shared mailboxes


  2. Yann M 0 Reputation points


    Here is the solution:

    • In the domain A, delete the user
    • Synchronize with AAD
    • In Entra ID (O365), restore the deleted user from the trash (this user is no more synchronized)
    • In the domain B, create the same user with the same parameters (in a non sync OU)
    • Launch the following commands to get the AD id of the user:
        import-module ActiveDirectory
        $user = Get-ADUser -Filter 'SamAccountName -like "username_de_lutilisateur"'
        $immutableid = [System.Convert]::ToBase64String($user.ObjectGUID.tobytearray())
    • Launch the following commands to set this AD id to the user in O365:
    Get-AzureADUser (to get the object id of the destination user)
    Set-AzureADUser -ObjectId objectid -ImmutableId $immutableid
    • In the domain B, move the user to a sync OU
    • Synchronize with AAD
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  3. Jing Zhou 2,625 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor



    Thank you for posting in Q&A forum.

    To migrate user from domain A to B, you can take AAD as a bridge that connects to two doains.

    Migration could contain various parts including but not limited to:

    1.Migrate IAM to AAD following below Microsoft Official Documentation:

    2.Migrate applications and authentication to AAD:

    3.Migrate users to AAD:

    4.Migrate users from AAD to local domain, you can refer to:

    Hope this answer can help you well.


    Best regards,

    Jill Zhou

  4. Shweta Mathur 28,031 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Yann M ,

    I'm glad that you were able to resolve your issue and thank you for posting your solution so that others experiencing the same thing can easily reference this! Since the Microsoft Q&A community has a policy that "The question author cannot accept their own answer. They can only accept answers by others", I'll repost your solution in case you'd like to "Accept" the answer.

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