How to configure Addin Manifest file for Outlook.

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Hello, I have two-part question.

I have an addin for Outlook which loads when I click on it and extension point is MessageComposeCommandSurface. Now I want it to configure so that it shows on Outlook Primary ribbon and when I click on it, it should open a New Email automatically and loads addin simultaneously using a single button.

Q1>I have changed the extension point to MessageReadCommandSurface but now I have to select an email and then only I can click on addin, so is there a way through which I do not have to select and email and simply when I click on Addin button it should work?

Q2> Is there a way to perform two action with same button that is it should open a New Email and then load the addin. Like Zoom does, when we click on it a new meeting tab opens up and also it loads Zoom meeting?

Thank you.

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