rename of pipeline failed part-way, now I have both source and destination pipeline and cant remove them

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Hi we have a pipeline A that was being renamed to pipeline B, and the rename has failed. now we have pipeline A with an EntityState of "Deleting", and Pipeline B with an EntityState of "Creating". they are linked by Source and Target values and an OperationId. e.g.

       "EntityState": "Deleting",
        "RenameOperationDetails": {
            "Source": "Pipeline A",
            "Target": "Pipeline B",
            "OperationId": "7aed9c51-9377-4a25-954e-682587898b41"

We can't rename. remove or update these pipelines, in any way, the message being "The Operation failed because the entity 'Pipeline A' is being renamed to 'Pipeline B'. A retry of rename from exact source to target may work"

It doesn't work, now it is blocking our deployment via GitHub as they were created directly in our Live environment and not via Git.

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