Help with porting service to UWP

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Hello, I'm new into developing UWP apps, but I have tons of experience with C/C++, python, PHP, etc. Programming concepts aren't new to me.

I'm developing an application for UWP called "OllamaUWP". This app is designed to be run on the Xbox since it seems like a perfect platform for this app. If you aren't familiar, OLLAMA is a modern application to run Large Language Models (Think ChatGPT). OLLAMA is programed in the Go language, which presents a huge issue. It also has no other "ports" for the code. My project is designed to run OLLAMA in the background (possibly as a service or something) with a front-end.

Here's where the question lies:

If it's even possible, how can I run this application on an Xbox in a manner that is embedded into the UWP app? Is there any way to compile OLLAMA into a file or executable that can be run within UWP?

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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