Request for high CPU machine with 48 and 96 GB RAM for production DB load on Linux

Mahmoud Elzahaby 20 Reputation points

Our organization requires a high CPU machine with an AMD64 processor to install MSSQL on Ubuntu 20.04. We are considering two options, D48ls_v5 and D48pls_v5, and need to know if these machines use AMD64 and which one is the best fit. Any other suggestions are also welcome.

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  1. Anveshreddy Nimmala 2,700 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hello Mahmoud Elzahaby,

    Welcome to microsoft Q&A, Thankyou for posting your query here.

    D48ls_v5 and D48pls_v5 virtual machines are built on the Azure v5 series, which generally uses the AMD EPYC processors which align with the AMD64 architecture.

    D48ls_v5 optimized for storage, typically offering a balance of CPU to memory and direct local storage (SSD).

    D48pls_v5 indicates premium storage optimizations, possibly providing better I/O performance, which could be beneficial for a database requiring high I/O throughput.

    For database applications like MSSQL, premium storage options (D48pls_v5) often offer the better performance necessary for high-demand database tasks.

    You might also consider Azure’s E-series VMs, especially those optimized for memory performance (E64ds_v4, E48ds_v4), which are great for databases.

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  1. MikeyQiao-MSFT 575 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi,Mahmoud Elzahaby


    The Dlsv5 and Dldsv5-series Virtual Machines runs on Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8473C (Sapphire Rapids), or Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8370C (Ice Lake) processor,which is compatible with AMD64.


    The Dplsv5-series and Dpldsv5-series virtual machines are based on the Arm architecture.These virtual machines feature the Ampere® Altra® Arm-based processor which do not support the AMD64 instruction set.

    D series is primarily used for general purposes, offering a balanced ratio of CPU to memory. It is suitable for testing and development, small to medium-sized databases, and low to medium traffic web servers.

    As Anveshreddy mentioned, Easv5 and Eadsv5-series Memory optimized VM sizes offer a high memory-to-CPU ratio that is great for relational database servers, medium to large caches, and in-memory analytics.

    You can find more information at this.

    Best regards,

    Mikey Qiao

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