Deploying strategy on Lake Database and SQL Database objects to further environments.

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I need assistance with deploying the Lake Database and SQL Database objects to the quality and production environments.

Despite creating tables and external tables under these databases, I can't seem to find these objects in my branch.

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  1. phemanth 6,810 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    @Sai Kishore Amara (Consultant)

    Thanks for using MS Q&A platform and posting your query.

    Deploying database objects across different environments is a crucial part of the development process. Let’s explore some steps to achieve this:

    Visual Studio and Git Integration:

    • First, ensure you have a Visual Studio solution set up with your SQL Server Database Project.
    • Integrate your Visual Studio solution with your Git repository. You can create a new Git repository or use an existing one (such as Azure DevOps Git).
    • Import your source database into your Visual Studio solution by right-clicking on your project name in the Solution Explorer and selecting “Import” > “Database…”.
    • Connect to your source database and import the necessary objects. You can choose to import server-level objects as well

    Continuous Integration (CI):

    • Set up Azure DevOps Pipelines for Continuous Integration (CI). This process will build your solution and validate changes.
    • Configure your CI pipeline to trigger whenever there are changes to your database project in the Git repository.
    • During CI, the pipeline will compile your database project, validate scripts, and ensure consistency across environments.

    Continuous Delivery (CD):

    • Set up Azure DevOps Release Pipelines for Continuous Delivery (CD). This process will deploy your database changes to target environments (e.g., quality and production).
    • Define stages in your CD pipeline, such as Dev, QA, and Prod.
    • Use DACPAC files or ARM templates to deploy schema changes, stored procedures, and other database objects.
    • Ensure that your CD pipeline is configured to deploy to the appropriate environment based on the branch or release

    Lake Database Objects:

    In Azure Synapse Analytics, you can create lake databases using Spark or the database designer. The lake databases and tables created on Spark pools, database templates, or Dataverse are automatically available for querying with the serverless SQL pool engine

    Best Practices:

    • Keep your database project and Git repository organized. Use folders to structure your scripts and objects.
    • Regularly test your CI/CD pipelines to catch any issues early.

    Hope this helps. Do let us know if you any further queries.

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  2. Vijayakumar Konduru 0 Reputation points

    @phemanth Only for lakedatabses we want to deploy through devops pipeline to higher environments for example dev to preprod environments. Without creating schemas and databases manually using Synapse Lake Database?. Please suggest.

  3. Vijayakumar Konduru 0 Reputation points

    Hi @phemanth

    I am not finding export option in Lakedabase tables and views.

    2. Export Lake Database Definitions:

    • Within Synapse Studio, navigate to your Lake Database and choose "Export" from the context menu.

    i found this feature is not available from Microsoft.


    @Anusha Vinnapala , @Sriram M