MAUI Android App fails to load the API calls in RELEASE mode

Dharunkumar A 0 Reputation points

I have a MAUI project that functions well on both Android and iOS platforms. The project involves consuming API calls using a DLL called TRIMModel.dll to make GET/POST requests.

While the app operates smoothly in iOS for both debug and release modes, I'm encountering an issue on Android. Specifically, the API calls fail to work in RELEASE mode, though they function correctly in DEBUG mode.

I've attempted several troubleshooting steps, including disabling AOT and Trimming in the project, and enabling Debug Symbols, which resolved the issue in RELEASE mode. However, enabling Debug Symbols violates our security standards and prevents the app from being deployed on the Play Store.

I'm perplexed as to why this problem is isolated to Android RELEASE mode and has persisted for several months. I'm seeking a solution or further troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue promptly.

This is a huge blocker for us, can someone please help on this?

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