Ingress appears to truncate URL encoded values in request path

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I have a set of container app instances that talk to one another within the same container app environment via DAPR as HTTP requests, these container apps have ingress enabled (restricted to a VNET).

One particular app which calls another app invokes a request where a part of the request path is URL encoded, for example:


That gets decoded as:


This was working without issue for a long time, but recently this started to fail because the incoming request going into the other app is now truncating the URL encoded part of the request path before hitting the app, so now I get this instead:


I'm unable to reproduce locally and believe to have narrowed it down to container app ingress that is causing the problem although not sure why this is happening, has there been some update to container apps where this is the expected behaviour or is this a bug?

Thanks for your time.

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