Use data set from one data flow as source in another data flow

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In Azure Data Factory, I'd like to be able to use a data set that's been output from one data flow activity as the source in another data flow activity, but I don't want to have to write to an external database or file like SQL Server or Blob Storage. I see there's an option to write data flow output to cache. Is there some way to use this, or should I just continue the first data flow and have one long data flow activity? I've seen examples using Lookup but these examples all reference one specific data value and I want to easily access the whole data set.

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  1. Amira Bedhiafi 16,071 Reputation points

    From what I understood you need to do the following :

    1. Create the First Data Flow (Data Flow 1):
      • Design your data transformation logic as required
      • Add a Sink transformation to write the output
      • In the Sink settings, instead of writing to an external storage, configure it to use the Cache option
        • Go to the Settings tab of the Sink transformation
        • Enable Staging and select Cache as the staging type
        • Assign a unique name to the cache (MyDataFlowCache)
    2. Create the Second Data Flow (Data Flow 2):
      • Add a Source transformation
      • Configure the source to read from the cache created in the first data flow
        • Select Cache as the source type
        • Provide the cache name used in the first data flow (MyDataFlowCache)

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