No way get cocreator, or join the waitlist, in Paint

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It's an infinite loop!

It says you have you be in certain countries - Australia being one - and I am.

It says you have to join the waitlist - which is impossible because it tells you to do it through the creator panel within paint.... I have no creator panel in paint and I have no cocreator button. All I have is the Layers button.

The support material tells you that you can also join the waitlist via that link... which is a how-to guide on how to use it (which I can't do because I can't get it)... and explains joining the waitlist through the creator panel in paint, which again, I do not have!

Huon - a Community Agent - sent me here to ask this question again - as they couldn't help - so hopefully someone in the know here can advise?

Very frustrating.

NB: I have version 11.2403.28.0

I have also tried installed the canary/dev** version, but that just reinstalls the version mentioned above

**(using to download canary/dev version of )

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