Issues with Azure Assistant API File Search and Response Times

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I am currently working with the Azure Assistant API and facing some challenges. Specifically, when I attempt to add files and utilize function calls, the file search functionality does not work as expected. Despite providing proper instructions, the API often responds with "I don't have the information," even though the necessary data is available in the files.

I have tested this with GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-4, and GPT-4 Turbo, but the problem persists across all models. Additionally, the response times are significantly longer compared to the standard OpenAI Assistant API, which performs well in terms of file search, function calls, and response times.

I need further support on this issue.

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Azure OpenAI Service
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  1. Gowtham CP 1,655 Reputation points

    Hello Kaja Sherief

    Thanks for reaching out in the Microsoft Q&A!

    To address challenges with the file search functionality while using the Azure Assistant API, you should consult the official documentation for confirmation and updates, particularly the Azure Assistant API Documentation. Even if file search is available, you may encounter issues related to file indexing or permissions. It's imperative to ensure that your uploaded files are in a supported format, properly indexed, and that you grant the Assistant sufficient permissions to access them. Adjusting the temperature setting in your prompts, typically setting it higher around 1.0, can enhance the flexibility and creativity of your search approach with the Assistant. For further insights and guidance, consider referring to materials such as the Microsoft Azure AI Services documentation Azure Assistant API Documentation and blog posts like Retrieval with the Azure OpenAI Assistants API Retrieval with the Azure OpenAI Assistants API.

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