Couple days after an export of stored passwords, I realized they're all gone from the app. how can I recover them?

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A couple days ago I decided to use a password manager on my computer.

The steps:

  1. Create account with password manager
  2. Store password manager account ID and password on Ms authenticator
  3. export the passwords stored on Ms authenticator to .csv
  4. configure the desktop password manager
  5. Delete .csv file from all devices
  6. Delete all saved passwords/account IDs stored in my desktop browsers (yes, S at the end)
  7. Wipe bin on desktop

Today I open a web browser and try to connect to a website.

The desktop psw manager asks for my psw to fill the info required on the web page (normal).

So I open Ms authenticator on my phone to get the psw manager accounts' password.

Surprise! (not the good kind): ms authenticator phone app does not have any passwords stored anymore.

I have no clue where they are, and I have no clue on how to recover them.

Can anyone help me with that please?

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