What is the Maximum size of a EventMessage or Event Data in Event Viewer. For Security channel and other channels System, Direcory Service.

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  1. What is the maximum size of a single event in Event viewer?
  2. Event message maximum length and a Event's size in kb?
  3. Does it vary for Security channel and System/ Directory Server channels?
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  1. Hania Lian 8,381 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    The maximum event log size for Windows Server 2008 is 4194240 KB (4 GB) due to the 32-Bit limitation of the operating system. On 64-Bit operating systems it can go much higher, in theory up to 17179874884 KB (16 TB) as that is the file system (NTFS) limitation.

    The maximum length of an event message is 32,766 characters. The size of an event in KB depends on the amount of data being logged.

    It can vary for Security channel and System/Directory Server channels based on the type and amount of data being logged.

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