Getting a 10054 error when calling a Cognitive Services API from VSTO Word Add-in

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I am developing a Word VSTO add-in so that I can call a Cognitive Services knowledgebase service. The code is pretty straight-forward and works fine when I run it from a windows console app (a similar call in python also works without issue):

Debug.WriteLine("beginning of the try");
 string azureEndpoint = ""; // Replace with your actual endpoint URL
 string subscriptionKey = "redacted"; // Replace with your actual subscription key

 Uri endpoint = new Uri(azureEndpoint);
 AzureKeyCredential credential = new AzureKeyCredential(subscriptionKey);

 QuestionAnsweringClient client = new QuestionAnsweringClient(endpoint, credential);

 string projectName = "redacted";
 string deploymentName = "production";
 QuestionAnsweringProject project = new QuestionAnsweringProject(projectName, deploymentName);
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