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We have an OS build task sequence that installs various apps. Recently, the app installs have been failing randomly with App enforcement errors. Normally that would mean the app detection was incorrect but that is not the case. This is happening randomly. I can run the TS with no errors and someone else running the exact same TS would get app enforcement errors. The errors dont seem to relate to anything, not location or machine being built. What else would cause app enforcement errors if the app detection is %100 correct?

Microsoft Configuration Manager
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  1. Pavel yannara Mirochnitchenko 11,961 Reputation points MVP

    You would need to go through carefully appenforcement.log and tssms.log files at least. Are you sure all your subnets are registered to CM bounderies and linked to DPs? The difference between you and other location could be about different subnets. Another reason could be that too many apps at once could lock up the installation process, and then you would need to add restart steps in TS to ensure its success.

  2. XinGuo-MSFT 14,851 Reputation points


    Random events are more difficult to reproduce and more difficult to troubleshoot.

    We need to look at the log files to analyze the problem specifically.

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