Microsoft Azure CosmosDB for MongoDB Deprecated Classic Metrics: Data+Index Size Consumed Per Partition Key Range

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Hi All,

Given the Monitor Classic Metrics was deprecated. I would like to know is there any way to know the data size consumed per partition key for CosmosDB (MongoDB)? I had explored the Metrics in Monitoring blade at Azure Portal, but seems I could not find the alternative.

This metrics is important to us because there is 20GB limitation on each logical partition for CosmosDB. Knowing which shard key near its size limit will be very appreciated.

Thank you.


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  1. Amira Bedhiafi 16,146 Reputation points

    I don't think there is a direct solution for this. You can use the GetPartitionKeyStatisticsAsync method to get statistics about the partition keys.

    Similar functionality is available in the Node.js SDK.

    var container = client.GetContainer("databaseId", "containerId");
    var partitionKeyStats = await container.ReadPartitionKeyStatisticsAsync(partitionKeyValue);
    Console.WriteLine($"Partition key: {partitionKeyValue}, Size: {partitionKeyStats.SizeInKB} KB");

    You can enable diagnostics logs for your CosmosDB account. These logs contain detailed metrics that can be used to analyze the size of data per partition key. After exporting them to a Log Analytics workspace, you can run queries to analyze the data size per partition key.

    | where ResourceType == "COSMOSDB_ACCOUNTS"
    | where OperationName == "MongoDBRequest"
    | summarize TotalSize = sum(toint(parse_json(RequestBody).size)) by PartitionKey
    | order by TotalSize desc

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