Azure ML online deployment update issue

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I have python script that update an existing online deployment (created manually from Azure ML Studio). This is the code:

deploy = ml_client.online_deployments.get(name=model_name, endpoint_name=online_endpoint_name)

deploy.instance_count = 2


I got this error message:", line 864, in _create_or_update_initial raise HttpResponseError(response=response, error_format=ARMErrorFormat) azure.core.exceptions.HttpResponseError: (BadRequest) The request is invalid. Code: BadRequest Message: The request is invalid. Exception Details: (MissingDriverProgram) Could not find driver program in the request.

This code was working perfectly without any issue. It's stopped to work since three weeks. I don't know either it's Azure ML known bug or not ?

Please advice.


Thanks in advance.


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