which Menu allows the complete and rapid loading of the application VS Studio 2022 Enterprise???

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Good morning;

I use VS 2022 Enterprise on an MSI GS70 (I7, 16 GB Ram, System under SSD...) under Windows 11.

- I open a small development application under VS 2022: the "solution" loads quickly, the *.cs code files are displayed quickly, the design file is displayed quickly.... but

the Toolbox remains empty for a few minutes even though I force the display using the "View Menu" and in the "Design" file, I select a control then right click to display its properties. There this window remains empty for a long time... the same goes for all the controls. Via the "Regenerate solution" Menu: no effect... I launch "Debugging": no effect. After a while, the "Properties" windows are filled and I can continue my development. I specify that in the “Generate in background” menu everything is activated. I can see that certain parameters are loaded in the background... but I ask you which Menu allows the complete and rapid loading of the application???

I don't see which Menu to activate to avoid this wait which can last 5 minutes. It is not normal.

Many thanks for your help
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    Hello to you;
    I don't know why my last post didn't appear in the forum???
    I meant that the second time I open my VS project, the "properties" appear immediately. This is the solution but why???
    Thank you for your help
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    Hello to you,
    I unchecked in "Project" "Tools" "Prevention preference" the line "Load the application more quickly".
    For the moment, no reduction in the loading time of the "Properties" of the Controls in Windows Form.
    I specify that I do not use any extension. I am a basic user of VS 2022.
    Thank you.

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    Hello to you;
    Yes, but how long does the cache remain active? If I restart immediately, OK, that's fine. But if I restart the next day it doesn't work anymore!!!
    There is indeed a solution to my problem which does not appear!!!
    As a user, I am declared "Administrator" but I am not sure I have all the rights! Windows user management is never clear!
    Should I resolve to launch my project twice to work on my code??? This is not a satisfactory solution for me.
    Tell me ...
    See you

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    Good morning ;
    I work with Winform on Windows applications, therefore with Net Framework 4.8. I don't use .NET 8 based projects.
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