How is Prometheus Remote Write Configured for the Azure Managed Prometheus offering?

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Hello -

I am looking to enable remote write capabilities for Azure Managed Prometheus that is deployed on an AKS cluster. I have this working flawlessly for a scrape based model (pull) where apps emit metrics and the Azure Managed Prometheus scrapes them and are collected in Azure Monitor and viewable from Azure Managed Grafana. I have a new requirement to have some apps use a push based model where they use the OpenTelemtry SDK and push to an OpenTelemetryCollector that then forwards those to a remote write endpoint within Prometheus for the metrics to be ingested.

Every document I've seen on Azure Monitor docs seems cover the below scenario (key words bolded):

This article describes how to set up remote write to send data from a self-managed Prometheus server running in your Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster or Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes cluster by using managed identity authentication. You can either use an existing identity that's created by AKS or create your own. Both options are described here.


My requirement is different because I don't want to send data from a self-managed Prometheus server into a managed Prometheus Server and/or Azure Monitor directly. Instead, I want to send metrics from within an AKS cluster with managed Prometheus enabled to that managed Prometheus server.

Does the managed deployment have a default remote write endpoint configured? Or do I need to modify the configuration somehow? Do I still need to deploy a sidecar or is that already deployed as part of the managed offering?

Ideally I'm looking for a process guide similar to the one linked about, but for using remote write within AKS that has managed prometheus enabled rather than sending from a self-managed.

Hopefully this is clear appreciate any assistance or direction! Thank you in advance.

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    currently there is no managed way of collection to “push” . we will add support for otel push at some point as we are still working on it (early stages). until then only way is to “export” those otel metrics as prom metrics so managed prom can scrape them ( thru current pull model).

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